Excellence at the base of everything

Excellence at the base of everything: We make our products unique by using excellent quality ingredients that are rich in flavours.
Herbs and spices

The aromatic herbs used for our bitters have different properties, but the digestive ones are among the best known.
A natural mix capable of giving each recipe a unique taste and unforgettable flavours.


Oranges are an important source of vitamins: especially C and A, but also many of the B group, and for the daily requirement of vitamin C, it is enough to consume 2 or 3 oranges a day.
They are an excellent ingredient for cooking, used both in sweet and savoury dishes.
The oranges used come from certified organic Sicilian cultivations.


The fruit of a tree that reaches 3 to 6 metres in height, lemons are grown in countless varieties all over the world, but despite the differences in appearance, their properties remain unchanged. As well as being widely used in cooking, their pharmaceutical and therapeutic uses are important (they lower body acidity, aid digestion, and cleanse the intestines).
The lemons used come from certified organic Sicilian cultivations.

Fior di Zagara

A symbol of purity and love, orange flowers are traditionally associated with weddings. As well as being used for ornamental purposes, they are suitable for cosmetic, phyto-therapeutic and culinary uses thanks to their many properties.