A Mediterranean history

Punico Liquori was founded in Marsala, a city in the westernmost tip of Sicily, famous throughout the world for its fortified wine by the same name. It is specifically from this tradition that the experience of the well-known wine expert Vito Maltese, recognised today as one of the greatest liquor makers and Marsala experts, was born. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of his career, Vito founded Punico Liquori with his children Annalisa, Ignazio and Sabrina, a young and constantly developing company, already known throughout Sicily for its most famous product:Amaro Punico.

In addition to this, the company created liqueurs and infusions of the highest quality:  the limoncello Millelumie, the citrus-flower liqueur Zahare, Marsala Superiore DOC Dolce and Secco, fortified Malvasia, Zibibbo and Vino alla Mandorla, recently joined by the orange bitter Punagrò and Mille grappas, both smooth and “barricata”.
Refined, quality products made with natural ingredients and procedures that respect tradition, to offer at every sip a small pleasure that is strong, intense and fruity.